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ESMV projects to study and develop practical exercises to stimulate motivation on volunteers, on adult volunteers, seniors or youngsters. The project aims to attract volunteers to activate in organizations for impaired children, to stimulate and to motivate them to become involved in supporting children with different impairments and their families in an inclusive society.

The partnership is composed by different type of organisations all of them united by a common characteristic: all institutions are dealing with volunteers. All committed with the improvement of the inner motivation in their volunteers.

In Spain there are 900.000 volunteers, all over Europe more than ten million people define themselves as social volunteers. Inner motivation is the fuel for a volunteer good work.

The experience shows that as a fall in the inner motivation may be responsible of some discontinuity, or disruption or even abandon in the job of a volunteer, an increase level of motivation encourage and improves job results.


ESMV wants to improve inner motivation on volunteers through practical exercises, that will try to increase self-esteem, self-knowledge and self confidence. 

With this exercises ESMV will try to make the volunteer discover new wish to develop new competences,  new challenges, new ways of life testing by helping others.

ESMV will focus on adult volunteers teachers in order to help learning improvement in social disadvantaged families.

This Grundtvig project intends to be very practical and very expansive in the number of partners as a first step for the creation of a European Family Support Network.

he partnership of ESMV wants to respond to a common problem. As institutions that are working with volunteers are responsible of improve and enhance  their volunteers qualifications as well as their motivation.  All the partners know by experience that it is a sound failure for both institution and volunteer a lack of motivation or a drop in the level of motivation, but at the end it is also a social failure. As volunteers are the best social investment in hope.



Fundación Belén helps Families with Children with Problems

ESMV (Exercises Stimulate Motivation Volunteers)